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With the Covid-19 virus pandemic, we have postponed the Diamond Jubilee Expo. The Diamond Jubilee Layout Challenge will also be delayed.
Wed, 18 Mar 2020 17:51:33 GMT
In anticipation of the 60th Anniversary of the 2mm Scale Association, we are running a layout building challenge to encourage as many layouts as possible to be available for the jubilee year.
Sat, 30 Mar 2019 09:35:28 GMT
The books "Track" and "Point Rodding", both relevant to modellers in all scales, and a sample 2mm Finescale Mineral Wagon kit, are available for ordering on the website.
Thu, 06 Dec 2018 08:16:01 GMT
Nick Mitchell constructs a chassis for a LMS 4-6-0 Jubilee locomotive, videoing each step of the process.
Sat, 08 Sep 2018 12:25:05 GMT
The Black 5 Locomotive and Tender kit has not been available for a number of years despite the fact that the Association held many of the parts of which the kit is comprised. The kit is now relaunched as a set of independently available parts. Full details of how members can obtain the components are available on the shop 3 part of the website.
Thu, 01 Nov 2018 11:09:21 GMT
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The 2mm Calendar

Harry Gall's cottage and shop, one of the winning entries at the 2020 annual model competition

Annual Model Competition 2020 and AGM was held online. Details on the AGM 2020 page

June 2nd-4th Online Zoom video workshop: "How to Build the BR 16T Wagon Taster Kit". Video now available

Future events are described on the Events page.


The 2mm Scale Association exists to promote and facilitate modelling at the scale of 2mm:1ft. The scale has a long history as the smallest practical finescale standard.

By joining the Association, members gain access to a wealth of knowledge and our exclusive component range designed to enable simple and accurate construction.

Find out how to get started in 2mm FineScale; with the products available from the 2mm Scale Association its easier than you might think.

Our component ranges include jigs and alignment tools which remove the guesswork and need for specialist measuring equipment from precision model making. We also produce booklets which explain the construction techniques which have been developed over the years.

To keep our members in touch we produce a bi-monthly magazine and newsletter. For those with access to the internet we offer an email list where members can chat about anything pertinent to 2mm model making.

This website contains information about the Association and 2mm standards, articles about model making, and photographs to inspire the model maker.

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Built by the North London Railway in 1864 as a four compartment, all-first class, 4 wheeled carriage, this vehicle was purchased second hand, over 30 years later by the Isle of Wight Railway (IWR), along with six other carriages. It was numbered 46. It retained the varnished teak livery, but bor ....

November 2020 Meeting Source: 2mm Kent and Essex Area Group | 23 Nov 2020 | 10:49 am GMT
Now well into November and sometime past our actual scheduled Zoom meeting for the month, this comes with an apology from the editor for a late blog post. Despite the glimmer of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, face-to-face meetings still seem some way off, and the exhibition calenda ....

(No title) Source: 2mm North East Area Group | 22 Nov 2020 | 3:55 pm GMT
 Progress at Progress.Hello all and welcome to another update from oop north and progress at Progress Pit.The layout was aimed at the 2mil event at Derby but that now looks a long way off. But hey we can all look forward to something in the future. The layout is based on a colliery setting (looks a ....

Dean Goods and Coaches Source: Modbury Updates | 18 Nov 2020 | 11:30 pm GMT
Added new page to describe the construction of Dean Goods, also updated coaches page. ....

November 2020 FCAG meeting Source: Forth & Clyde Area Group | 15 Nov 2020 | 5:11 pm GMT
November's Zoom get-together had the theme of "Tools - Those I have Loved and Hated". This worked quite well, with each of the twelve attendees (Chris M, Chris G, Alisdair, Alastair, Mick, Nigel, Andy, Richard, James, Stephen, Simon and Graham) given ten minutes maximum to say their piece. Interes ....

Freshwater Point Rodding Source: Basingstoke Area Group | 14 Nov 2020 | 10:59 pm GMT
One job that I had been putting off for too long was fitting dummy point rodding. It needed to be done before I could get on with adding details to the front half of the layout, as it would be too difficult to access where it had to go without causing damage. With an invite to the Ally Pal ....

Adding a few details to Freshwater Source: Basingstoke Area Group | 6 Nov 2020 | 5:52 pm GMT
I have not been keeping up the blog here, so this is a little belated. With the CMRA Stevenage exhibition approaching in January 2020, I was busy adding some detail bits to the rear half of the layout, while it was still accessible, before starting on the foreground stuff.The figures are mostly Mod ....

Lapsang Souchong and Other Teas Source: MRPAGESAQY | 25 Oct 2020 | 5:59 pm GMT
Not much to report this month - spilt tea and lots of procrastination. But all in a good cause! Firstly, I stained the ballast to 'blend' it in to the surroundings. A bit of a pun there, as I used the liquid from spent teabags. The lightweight filler I used is absorbent, so the colour soaks in ....

October 2020 meeting Source: 2mm Kent and Essex Area Group | 21 Oct 2020 | 6:13 pm BST
Suspecting that to most 2mm modellers this time of forced separation has become somewhat wearisome. Being unable to discuss face-to-face the finer details of each others progress with models and the practicalities of personal and/or group projects. The use of social media such as Zoom has alleviated ....

Ballasting Source: Swinton 2 mm | 19 Oct 2020 | 2:46 pm BST
I have started the process of ballasting the track it has taken me two weeks to complete about one tenth of the layout so I will certainly be occupied well into next year! The ballast is sand which I have dyed with oil paints diluted with white spirit. The ballast is glued down with Mod Podge matt g ....

October 2020 FCAG meeting Source: Forth & Clyde Area Group | 12 Oct 2020 | 10:58 pm BST
This month's virtual meeting was on the theme of soldering: Andy, Graham, Richard, Stephen, Martin, James, chairmanJim, Simon, Chris G and Chris M provided the audience and Jim, Nigel and Alisdair formed the "panel". The following write-up is in no way a primer or even an exhaustive description of e ....

(No title) Source: 2mm North East Area Group | 30 Sep 2020 | 9:53 pm BST
 Mick has kindly admitted me to the brotherhood - thank you Mick - and said he was interested to see the long-lead point recently completed for Yeovil town.  It's an E15 on a curve - not in the Swinton class, but the longest I will be making, c. 9.5' toe-nose.  It's only unique (?) feature i ....

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