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Please note the with effect from 1st June 2019 the following rates will apply:

UK - Post Free for orders of 20 or more. Postage charge of 1.50 for smaller orders.

Europe - Post Free for orders of 30 or more. Postage charge of 2.50 for smaller orders.

Rest of World - Post Free for orders of 40 or more. Postage charge of 4.50 for smaller orders.

22 May 2019

Shop 3

New in Shop 3 3-265 Phosphor Bronze Solder Tags 4mm long. Etch of 10 for 0.40

31 March 2019

Shop 3

In light of issues with the metric gearsets, we have re-introduced the 100DP 30:1 gearset with one worm bored 1.5mm. The gear is bored 1/8".

19 March 2019

Shop 2

Back in stock - BR Ironstone Hopper, now item 2-503a.

New item - BR Anhydrite Hopper 2-503b.

Both kits are plastic body only and are 2.00 each.

9 March 2019

Stanier 8F Whitemetal Castings

These useful pieces were previously sold as a set, but are now available individually at extremely reasonable prices. Photos will be up soon, so have a look, they may be useful even if it's not an 8F you're building!

3 March 2019


Back in Shop 3 item 3-368 - 38:1 100DP Gearset. This comprises a skew brass gear bored at 1/8" and an acetal worm bored at 1.5mm. See shop lists for more detail.

22 December 2018

Quartering Jig and Plates

Please note that these jigs are now sold in a different format. The jig itself 3-275 is now sold as a standalone item with NO quarter plates. Quarter plates are now available in individual sizes to suit the wheel range, so you may buy as many or as few sizes as you require.

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Shop 1 Track components and publications.
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Freight Rolling Stock.
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Locomotives, Coaching and Non-Passenger coaching parts.

Public Sales

We offer certain Publications and 2FS Wagon taster kits to non-members at selected public shows and through this link on our website.


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