Product News
8 July 2018

Shop 2 & 3

2-041 Top hat bearings now £4.00 per pack of 50 due to price increase by manufacturer.

2-041 Axles to convert Farish RP25 wheels to Association Standard pinpoints on 12.25mm axles back in stock at new price of £3.50 for a set of 4.

3 March 2018

Shop 2 & 3

2-111 DG Loop bending jig now back in stock at the new price of £3.50

4 October 2017

Shop 2 & 3

2-027 N Gauge profile wagon 3 hole disk wheelsets on 12.25mm Association standard axles now back in stock at the new price of £2.20 per axle
2-028 N Gauge profile coach plain disk wheelsets on 12.25mm Association standard axles now back in stock at the new price of £2.20 per axle

5 June 2017

Shop 3

3-107 Flanged crank-pins now back in stock at the new price of £2.50 per 10

11 December 2016


Shop 3

3-660 Etch replacement chassis for the Dapol SR M7 £15.00 per etch

07 November 2016


Shop 3

Some loco lamps have been produced for the Association by Alan Buttler of Modelu. They are based on the ones he produces in 4mm and 7mm and more information can be found here -

The lamps are sold in packs of 5 and should arrive with handles, although as they are quite fine it is possible that some will arrive without handles. The types available are:-

3-801 LNER / BR (E) Loco Lamp
3-802 BR (W) Loco Lamp
3-803 LMS / BR (M) Loco Lamp
3-804 BR Tail Lamp
3-805 SR / BR (S) Loco Lamp
3-806 GWR / BR (W) Loco Lamp

Pack of 5 lamps £1.50

Also from Modelu are some figures based on scans of actual people so are correctly proportioned and highly detailed. There are two ranges available - Station Staff and Loco Crew. Sorry there are no Mick Simpsons included in the range!

The figures available at £1.50 each are:-

3-850 Guard with Guard's hand lamp
3-851 Shunter with Shunter's pole at rest
3-852 Shunter with Shunter's pole in use
3-853 Station Master with pocket watch
3-854 Signal Man leaning
3-855 Loco crew leaning (high cabside)
3-856 Loco crew leaning (high cabside)
3-857 Loco crew leaning with rag
3-858 Loco crew leaning with rag
3-859 Loco crew seated
3-860 Loco crew seated
3-861 Fireman firing
3-862 Fireman firing
3-863 Driver operating regulator
3-864 Driver operating regulator

Other new products in Shop 3 are -

A set of coupling rods that can be used to convert the Farish 64xx to 2mm Finescale. Also required for the conversion are 3-221 bearings, 3-223 muffs and a 3-222 gear muff.

3-224 Etch for replacement coupling rods - Farish 64xx £1.50 per etch

Dapol loco owners have not been left out as there are also some bearings available to help with conversion.

3-225 Replacement conversion bearings - Dapol Pannier £6.00 Pack of 6

3-226 Replacement conversion bearings - Dapol Britannia £6.00 Pack of 6

Also available is a small adapter shaft that can be used with motors that have a 1mm shaft so that our standard 1.5mm bore worms can be used.

3-263 Motor shaft adapter 1mm ID 1.5mm OD x 8mm long £2.00 Pair

1 October 2016

Back in stock

Shop 1 & 3

The very useful battery powered 1-500 Medvend controller is now back in stock. Due to post-BREXIT exchange rate changes the price is now £30.00

21 September 2016

Back inproduction and in stock

Shop 2

After a lot of patience and hard work to resurrect the moulds, I am pleased to announce that the 2-531 NER Hopper wagon is now back in production and in stock in Shop 2. The new price is £2.00

The 2-511 LMS Vented van is also back in production at the increased price of £2.00

08 April 2016


Shop 1

In case the carpet monster rears its ugly head and swallows the minute screws used to hold the crossing in place in the turnout kit it is now possible to buy a pack of replacement screws for £1.50.

1-431 Cheesehead screws M1 x 2mm (same as included in Turnout Kits) £1.50

24 March 2016

Price increase

It is necessary to increase the price of wagon wheels from £1.05 per axle to £1.40. The price should have risen when the new batch of wheels were received in the shop, so all of you that have been buying wheels recently have been very lucky. The price rise will be from 1 April 2016 (sorry, it is not an April fool's joke!)


Shop 1

The first new product is a Swiss file that can be used for gapping and slitting. It is a flexible flat file 0.5mm thickness x 10mm with cut on both edges. Length 4" (102mm) not including the Tang. It is also available in a 0.4mm version.

1-501 Swiss file for gapping/slitting - cuts on edges only - 0.5mm wide £20.00 each
1-502 Swiss file for gapping/slitting - cuts on edges only - 0.4mm wide £20.00 each

The second new item in Shop 1 is a 'No Clean' solder paste as used in the electronics industry for soldering surface mount components to printed circuit boards. The solder is not lead free but of a tin/lead composition and also includes silver to help it flow. It is supplied in an easy to use syringe. The pack also includes a blunt needle.

1-503 Tin/Lead/Silver solder - Sn62Pb36Ag2 - 1.4ml syringe £3.00 each


Shop 1 New Product

Final addition to the range of etched buffers stops is -

1-089 Cambrian/GWR 'long leg' heavyweight rail built buffer stop £2.20

Shop 2 New Product

The 2mm Scale Association is pleased to announce that Shop 2 is now stocking the GWR/BR Mermaid ballast tipper kit designed and produced by Stephen Harris. The kit includeds a resin body and builds into either the GWR unfitted verison or the BR 1/575 vacuum fitted version.

2-700 GWR/BR Mermaid ballast tipper £9.75

If this new item sells well then it is possible that more kits from Stephen may find their way into the shop.

Shop 3 New Product

Chris Higgs has been busy designing a replacement chassis for the Graham Farish Black 5 and it is now available from shop 3.

3-652 LMS Black 5 (Farish) £25.00 each

Price increase

2-072 Wagon buffers (turned brass) 2.1mm head, round base - now £1.20


Shop 1 New Product

An under-baseboard turnout tie-bar has been developed by Ian Morgan, who was demonstrating its use at the AGM. These have been 3D-printed and are now available in Shop 1.
1-100 Under-baseboard tie-bar £3.00

Shop 3 New Products

One of our suppliers is now able to supply 300mm lengths of straight brass wire for less than most model suppliers. Initially Shop 3 will stock the following in packs of 10 - all £2.00 each:

3-453 Brass wire 0.33mm £2.00
3-454 Brass wire 0.45mm £2.00
3-455 Brass wire 0.50mm £2.00
3-456 Brass wire 0.60mm £2.00
3-457 Brass wire 0.70mm £2.00
3-458 Brass wire 0.80mm £2.00
3-459 Brass wire 0.90mm £2.00

In addition to the brass wire, Shop 3 also has in stock 1mm x 1mm brass angle from the same supplier, at £1.50 for a 330mm length.

3-471 Brass Angle 1mm x 1mm x 330mm £1.50

Depending on demand, Shops 1 and 2 may also be stocked with these useful items.

Product Updates

All of the new Easitrac Turnout kits are now in stock; i.e. B6, B7 ansd B7 in right and left hand variants.

The milled crossings are also available as 1:6, 1:7 and 1:9. Similarly the tie-bar kits are also available.

Due to an increase in supplier costs, several products will be increasing in price as follows:

2-182 Coach Bogie Etched Complete SR 8' Steam £3.50
2-308 RCH springs and axleboxes - etch £0.75
2-308a RCH Heavy duty springs - etch -uses axleboxes from 2-308 £0.30
2-342 Wagon chassis etch MR 9'0" w/base £2.50
2-331 Wagon chassis etch 9'0" w/b LMS 8 shoe fitted £2.50

PayPal Surcharge

With effect from 8 October 2015, the Association will no longer be charging a surcharge on Paypal transactions.

The online order form has been changed to reflect this.

SHOP 1 - Change of Shop keeper from 3 Oct 2015

It is with regret that Philip Stead has decided to hand in his notice as shop keeper of Shop 1 due to personal reasons. I would like to personally thank Philip for his hard work over the last few months and to wish him well for the future.

I am extremely grateful to Gareth McEnery for agreeing to take over Shop 1 as from the AGM. Contact details will be in the next newsletter.


Shop 1 New Products

1-231 Tie bar construction jig now available £5.00

As a result of several requests, Shop 1 is now stocking a small controller.

More information can be found here:

The controller can be powered either by a 9volt battery or by a small mains power supply (not included)

1-500 Medvend AN-1/PIC-ABZ Controller £25.00

Also available from Shop 3.


Shop 1 New Products

The Product Development team have been very busy and have developed a new Easitrac product to help get started in 2FS and to make it easier to build turnouts. The turnout kit is based on the existing turnout bases and chairs; however the chairs now have pegs and the bases have holes in them to assist in lining up the chairs and creating the correct gauge! The kit also includes a milled crossing; so no soldering the 'V'.

1-405 B7 Right-hand turnout kit £18.00
1-406 B7 Left-hand turnout kit £18.00

Available from Shop 1 to complement the above kit is a jig to assist in the soldering of etch plates to pins in the construction of the tie bar.

1-231 Tie bar construction jig £TBC

Also available now is a Turnout blade filing jig - based on a design by Geoff Jones.

1-230 Turnout blade filing jig £18.00

Also new in Shop 1

1-083 LYR rail built buffer stop £2.20
1-084 SECR rail built buffer stop £2.20
1-085 LSWR rail built buffer stop £2.20
1-086 NBR rail built buffer stop £2.20
1-087 GER rail built buffer stop £2.20
1-087a GER lightweight rail built buffer stop £2.20
1-088 GNR rail built buffer stop £2.20

Shop 2 New Products

2-364 Wagon chassis etch - replacement for Dapol Fruit D £3.00
2-379a Wagon chassis etch - replacement for Dapol Grain Hopper 10' 6'' £3.00
2-379b Wagon chassis etch - replacement for Dapol Grain Hopper 12' 10'' £3.00
2-590 ex GWR Lowmac £10.00

Shop 3 New Products

Replacement chassis for Dapol/Farish locomotives
3-661 LBSCR Terrier (Dapol) £15.00
3-641 LNER J39 (Farish) £20.00

Replacement chassis for NPCS
4-740 Replacement underframe for Chivers LNER Long CCT £5.00
4-741 Replacement underframe for Chivers Horsebox £4.50
4-742 Replacement underframe for Chivers/Dapol SR CCT £5.00

Now back in stock in Shop 2
2-318 MR Grease axle boxes and springs - etch £0.60
2-341 Wagon chassis etch - MR 10' underframe £2.25
2-375 Wagon chassis etch - replacement for LMS 10' w/base fitted stock £2.25
2-490 MR D353 Van etched kit £6.00
2-572 Conflat A Body Kit £2.00
2-592 ex-GC Lowmac £10.00
2-593 ex-MR Traction truck (D730 or LMS D59A) £10.00
2-599 GWR Shunters Truck (Diagrams M1-M5) £12.50

3-273 is a set of pins to update the 3-271 Gear meshing tool so that it can be used for marking the centres of gears that have a 3mm fitting. Priced at £1.25 per pair and available from Shop 3.

The Association now has available a supply of acrylic name badges with the Association logo on them; primarily for use on the publicity stands, but also for other places where someone is representing the Association. They are being made available to all members to publicise the Association. The badge has a little window for insertion of a printed name label.

The price of the badge is being subsidised by the Association and can be purchased from all three shops, code P-301 at £2.50 each. They will also be available in the Central shop at the Expo and AGM.

There are templates available in the Members section of the website to help accurately lay out the printed paper area and are available as Microsoft Word files.

1-183 Easitrac chairs cast in brass. Until now this item was only available as a special order only. They have now become a stock item at the price of £4.00 per sprue of 8 chairs. For chair details please see product 1-181.

The following wheels are now in stock in Shop 2
2-005 6mm 3-hole 12.25mm axle
2-010 6mm 8 spoke 12.25mm axle
2-015 6mm open spoke 12.25mm axle
2-017 6mm open spoke 14.20mm axle

2-045 12.25mm axles are also now back in stock.

2-024 7mm coach wheels are now being stock by shop 2 as well as shop 3.

The following motors are now in stock, unfortunately with price rises due to increased supply costs.
3–256 Maxon RE10 – £45.00
3–253 Hanazono H17 – £13.75
3–251 Mashima 9/16 – £14.25
Please note the 3–250 3–Mashima 9/19 is out of production with Mashima and can no longer be supplied and will be deleted from the stock list.
Shop 3 is now stocking the following products:
3–261 Brass mounting bushes for the Maxon motor – £1.60 each. They can also be used with Faulhaber motors with a similar fitting.
3–262 M1.4 mounting screws for open frame motors – £0.35 per pair.
2–060 GWR square shank coach buffers, Dean period – £2.00 set of 4.

3–113 Frame bushes – £4.00 per 10
3–270 Loco assembly jig – £10

3–700 Jinty conversion kit to convert Graham Farish Jinty to 2FS
The Products Development team have been hard at work over the last few months developing a kit to convert the latest Jinty model (Bachmann product numbers 372–210, 372–211 & 372–212). It is not suitable for the older Farish Jinty loco. The kit contains replacement axle bearings, muffs and a geared muff, plus a set of etched replacement coupling rods.  The price of the kit 3–700 is £14.50.  In addition to the kit you will also require 3 pair of either 9mm or 9.5mm wheels and a pack of crank pins.

Products and Shops

The 2mm Scale Association operates three mail order shops for members, supplying components and kits for 2mm modelling. Sales are to members only, addresses of shop keepers and ordering details are supplied to members in the Newsletter.

In addition to the Association products below, we have a list of products available from smaller suppliers, both commercial and member's private projects available here.

There are three shops, arranged by the material supplied.

Shop 1 Track components and publications.
Shop 2
Freight Rolling Stock.
Shop 3
Locomotives, Coaching and Non-Passenger coaching parts.

Drop in replacement wheels for some locos are available from January 2010.

The book "Track" is available to order directly from this website, and is available to members and non-members.

The Wheel Turning Service can alter the profile on N gauge locomotive wheels to allow many N locomotives to run on 2mm Track.

Locomotive Kits; the Class 08 Diesel Shunter and the LMS Standard Black 5 are produced in batches. If you wish to add your name to the next batch, please contact the sales officer who can advise when the next batch may be available, the price and ordering process.

Each shop page has a list of products and its product code. Some products also have an information symbol and/or a camera symbol which can be clicked to reveal further details. If you are interested in how the product pages work, I've written a page about it


Finally, the ScaleFour society webpages have a number of "where to get..." pages (opens in new window) with links to numerous interesting sources of bits and pieces.