Drop in wheels

Easy to install drop-in wheels for converting N gauge ready to run locomotives to 2mm track/wheel standards. These are designed as replacement axles for the N-gauge items, and include control bosses on the rear of the wheels to limit side-play movement. The range covers Bachmann-Farish though some may be suitable for Dapol items. The fully assembled axle consists of steel wheels, insulated axles, brass gear wheel.

2FS drop-in, 7.5mm diameter on left, Farish N Gauge original from Class 24 on right

Drop in wheel range, from Shop 3:

Also useful, from Shop 2 :

Prototype Data

Data on diesel wheel sizes, bogie dimensions, etc.. is available on the Clag Website.


Scale Diameters of Unpowered lead wheels in Farish 40/44/45/46.

Prototype specifications for the 1-Co-Co-1 BR designs had 3ft unpowered wheels and 3ft9in powered. So, prototype scale diameters would be 6mm and 7.5mm respectively. But, Farish' bogie design is not to scale, the supplied N wheels are 6.3 and 6.85 respectively. Having decided to recommend scale (7.5mm) driving wheels, if a scale undriven wheel (6.0mm) is fitted the wheel will hover above the track. So, the recommended "drop-in" solution is to accept a compromise on the lead wheel and fit 7.0mm. A scale solution requires modification to the Farish bogies to make the undriven wheel ride lower; this may be possible, but hasn't been tested.


Current Range