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With effect from 1st November 2018 all non-cheque payments will be handled through our card services provider PayPal.

If you wish to pay by Credit or Debit Card, produce your order as normal. DO NOT put any card details on the order. Post or email the order to the relevant shop indicating that you wish to pay by Card. We will send you an email, via PayPal, that gives the option to pay using a PayPal account or as a Guest. Take the Guest option and fill your details in online.

If you'd prefer not to use PayPal, even as a Guest, then you can still order by posting an order and a cheque to the relevant shop.

If you already pay using your PayPal account there is no change.

Please contact the Sales Officer (Tony Simms) if you have any questions.


Black 5 Locomotive & Tender Kit

This kit has not been available for a number of years despite the fact that the Association held many of the parts of which the kit is comprised. The kit is now relaunched as a set of independently available parts. If you wish to construct an example of this locomotive, please follow this procedure:

Request a copy of the instructions from the Sales Officer -
The instructions will be made available via Dropbox as the instructions are substantial and too large to host online. If you require a printed copy, a small charge will be made to cover printing and posting costs.
Read the instructions and decide which components you will require - some may no longer be available through the Association depending upon the construction method you decide upon. An example may be if you decide to use imperial gears.
Order the Association components through the shops in the normal manner.

This approach also enables you to purchase just one part or several parts of the kit without the rest. So, should you, say, damage the tender etch you may replace it easily. Alternatively, if you change the example you are modelling you may order different castings at minimal cost.

20 October 2018

Shop 1

Prices on all coiled rail discounted!

20 October 2018

Shop 3

The various wheels and castings for the Black 5 are now back in stock.

The castings for the loco have been split into three sections. I believe that 3-520c the Atomiser steam pipe covers are only applicable to the Ivatt variant. If I'm wrong, I'm sure somebody will tell me!

The complete kits have been discontinued and I will shortly be listing separate entries for the loco etch/boiler casting and the loco etch. Members can then order the kit whenever they wish by selecting the appropriate variants. I will make instructions available online to help you decide.

18 October 2018

Shop 3

New Product 3-219 Farish Castle Conversion Etch 7.50. Includes coupling rods, motion, bogie and frame improvers. Using in conjunction with the Farish Conversion Bearings etc. Please note that the conversion gear muff 3-222 is currently out of stock, but should be available soon.

The range of 3D printed Tail Lamps has been extended to include pre-nationalisation examples.

13 October 2018

Shop 2

Buffers - All cast brass wagon buffers are now available. Back orders will be fulfilled over the weekend.

2-357 8 Shoe Chassis - Now back in stock.

2-312 & 2-313 RCH & BR W Irons - Now back in stock.

12 October 2018

Shop 3

Fairly new items now listed on website and available for order:

3-510 & 3-511 - LMS Loco Buffers

3-264 - Universal Joint 3D Printed

4-801, 4-802, 4-803 - Some rather smart waterslide decals for coaches: LMS, LNER and GWR

4-473 & 4-475 - Etched chassis to improve commercial bodies for Dapol SR BY and Farish BR CCT

2-623 thru 2-626 - Etched chassis to improve Farish GWR 61XX, Dapol GWR 28XX, Dapol Hall/Manor/Grange (loco only) and GWR Dapol 3500 gall Tender


11 October 2018

Shop 2

A number of wagon chassis from the Masterclass Limited Edition range are now only available While Stocks Last - these will not be re-run. Please check stock listings for details and email shop 2 with any queries.

8 July 2018

Shop 2 & 3

2-041 Top hat bearings now 4.00 per pack of 50 due to price increase by manufacturer.

2-047 Axles to convert Farish RP25 wheels to Association Standard pinpoints on 12.25mm axles back in stock at new price of 3.50 for a set of 4.

3 March 2018

Shop 2 & 3

2-111 DG Loop bending jig now back in stock at the new price of 3.50

4 October 2017

Shop 2 & 3

2-027 N Gauge profile wagon 3 hole disk wheelsets on 12.25mm Association standard axles now back in stock at the new price of 2.20 per axle

2-028 N Gauge profile coach plain disk wheelsets on 12.25mm Association standard axles now back in stock at the new price of 2.20 per axle

Products and Shops

The 2mm Scale Association operates three mail order shops for members, supplying components and kits for 2mm modelling. Sales are to members only, addresses of shop keepers and ordering details are supplied to members in the Newsletter.

In addition to the Association products below, we have a list of products available from smaller suppliers, both commercial and member's private projects available here.

There are three shops, arranged by the material supplied.

Shop 1 Track components and publications.
Shop 2
Freight Rolling Stock.
Shop 3
Locomotives, Coaching and Non-Passenger coaching parts.

Drop in replacement wheels for some diesel locos are available.

The book "Track" is available to order directly from this website, and is available to members and non-members.

The Wheel Turning Service can alter the profile on N gauge locomotive wheels to allow many N locomotives to run on 2mm Track.

Each shop page has a list of products and its product code. Some products also have an information symbol and/or a camera symbol which can be clicked to reveal further details. If you are interested in how the product pages work, I've written a page about it


Finally, the ScaleFour society webpages have a number of "where to get..." pages (opens in new window) with links to numerous interesting sources of bits and pieces.