Queen St. Goods

Layout built by Richard Chapman

Photographs by Peter Whitehead, text by Richard Chapman.

1. An impression of the photo that helped start this whole layout off.
Whilst the real warehouse had the track continuing beyond the turntables i decided to teminate them here. As a consequence the warehouse was shortened somewhat.
Work has still to be carried out in this area including the detail on the wagon.
What has happened to the capstain rope?

2. A view across the head shut towards the Engineering Works.
In the foreground you will see a few of the road vehicles required, whilst behind you can just make out the works latest aquasition. Well actually it is the Arnold Koff awating a new body.

3. Looking at the end of the coal stathies road.
Yes i know there is a 21ton hopper in there...but it is empty.
That is the problem when you have so much stock to build sometimes you have to break the rules and keep things moving. Or should i just blame the other operator.
In the adjacent road can be seen two of the Birds Eye containers which were hand painted by my friend and fellow operator Adrian Lambourne.

4. A view across the full extent of the warehouse.Even with detail still missing you can get a feel of what such a place must have been like.

5. Looking across a sea of Scammels and trailers towards the co-bo employed in shunting a parcel rake.Those road vehicles are really interesting to model , but what we do require is some good quality items to go along side them such as a mobile crane for those containers.

6. Works shunter no. 1. A detailed Farish J94 running on one of Mr Rankins new chassis conversions.

7. A general view of the yard.