Information about Events; Expo and AGMs

The Association organises an annual exhibition (known as Expo) and also an AGM. At both there are models to view, demonstrations and information. Expo tends to have more layouts to view, but both are worth a visit. The Events Page has more information, dates, venues, etc...

Members only file downloads

There are various files of Association material for download from the members only area of this website. Passwords for this area are announced in the 2mm Newsletter, or available via the VAG.

This includes access to online copies of the 2mm Magazine, the magazine archive, the new 2FS Manual, plus a number of archive publications.

The Diamond Jubilee Layout Challenge

In anticipation of the Association's Diamond Jubilee in 2020, it is running a layout building challenge to encourage as many people as possible to build layouts for the jubilee year. Full details of the challenge are available to read on this link.

The Virtual Area Group

There is a "Virtual Area Group" for members of the Association, it operates like any other Area Group, but instead of meeting in a physical place, conducts its business on the internet.

The Virtual Area Group communicates via email. Members send a message to the mailing list, and this is distributed to the other members of the Group. Members of the Group can discuss topics of interest to 2mm Modelling, covering any area and expertise. There is a whole page on the Virtual Area Group, what it does, how to join it and why you'll not be at risk of spam and viruses.

The eBoard - Notices by Email

The new (2007) eBoard is a moderated email list. It is for announcements of items relevant to 2mm members. There is a page which explains the workings of the eBoard.

Real Area Groups

As well as the virtual, we have the real thing. Area Groups where people get together to do 2mm modelling. At least two area groups have web presence, which is collected together on the Area Groups page. If you run a group and want your page added, or would like your own blog, please contact the webmaster.

Calendar of Events

Forthcoming events of relevant to 2mm modelling are shown on the calendar. This might be a layout appearing at a show, the whereabouts of the 2mm publicty stand, a show of interest to 2mm modellers, or an Association event.

Planned Tutorial Events

There have been a number of tutorial events organised, covering topics such as basic track and wagon building, converting N locos to 2mm standards, designing gearboxes, painting and airbrushing. These have typically been day-long hands-on events where participants went away having built something during the day.
Such events happen because individuals say they want them, then start to arrange them, ask for tutors to help, etc.. The VAG seems to be the main current conduit for organising, but its not the only way. Announcements of tutorials can be made through the Newsletter and through the eBoard.

On-line Shop Orders

We're not ready to accept orders electronically. The products area can now produce a completed order form, for you to print and post to the shop keeper (if you are not a member, you won't know where to post it!). For those wanting traditional methods, blank order forms are available on the Virtual Area Group files area. Email and postal addresses for the shop keepers are distributed to members via the newsletter.

Specialist Suppliers

As well as the Association's own product range, there are various small suppliers of kits and components. Many of these are members of the Association, producing parts for their own use as well as for other people.