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QuantityCode DescriptionPrice  
  Locomotive Driving Wheels - Standard
3-003Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk5: 7.0mm  £9.75 pair
3-004Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 7.5mm  £11.75 pair
3-005Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 8.0mm  £11.50 pair
3-006Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk5: 8.5mm  £11.25 pair
3-007Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 9.0mm  £12.25 pair
3-008Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 9.5mm  £13.00 pair
3-009Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 10.0mm  £14.75 pair
3-010Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 10.5mm  £15.50 pair
3-011Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 11.0mm  £16.50 pair
3-012Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk5: 11.5mm  £15.50 pair
3-013Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk5: 12.0mm  £15.75 pair
3-015Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 13.0mm  £17.50 pair
  Locomotive Driving Wheels - Specials
3-020Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk5: 8.0mm: Extended Axle [Instructions] £12.00 pair
3-022Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk5: 9.0mm: Extended Axle [Instructions] £12.50 pair
3-023Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk4: 9.5mm: 9F Flangeless   £7.00 pairWSL
3-024Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk5: 10.0mm: Bulleid  £13.75 pair
3-025Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk5: 12.0mm: Bulleid  £15.75 pair
3-028Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 11.75mm: Black 5  £15.75 pair
3-029Locomotive Driving Wheel: Mk6: 9.0mm: H Spoke  £12.25 pair
  Locomotive Carrying Wheels - Disc
3-040Locomotive Carrying Wheel: 6.0mm disc  £3.75 pair
3-041Locomotive Carrying Wheel: 6.5mm disc  £3.75 pair
3-042Locomotive Carrying Wheel: 7.0mm disc  £3.75 pair
3-043Locomotive Carrying Wheel: 7.5mm disc  £3.75 pair
3-044Locomotive Carrying Wheel: 8.0mm disc  £3.75 pair
  Locomotive Carrying Wheels - Standard
 3-050Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 6.0mm  £9.50 pairTOS
3-051Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 6.5mm  £10.25 pair
3-052Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 7.0mm  £9.75 pair
3-053Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 7.5mm  £10.50 pair
3-054Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 8.0mm  £11.00 pair
3-055Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 8.5mm   £11.75 pair
  Locomotive Carrying Wheels - Specials
3-060Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 6.0mm: Bulleid  £9.50 pair
3-060aLocomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk4: 6.0mm: Bulleid  £5.50 pairWSL
3-061Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 7.0mm Bulleid  £9.75 pair
3-067Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 6.5mm: Black 5  £10.00 pair
3-068Locomotive Carrying Wheel: Mk5: 8.5mm: Black 5  £11.75 pair
  Locomotive Wheel Rims
3-080Locomotive Wheel Rims 6mm  £1.50 pair
3-081Locomotive Wheel Rims 6.5mm  £1.50 pair
3-082Locomotive Wheel Rims 7mm  £1.50 pair
3-083Locomotive Wheel Rims 7.5mm  £1.50 pair
3-084Locomotive Wheel Rims 8mm  £1.50 pair
3-085Locomotive Wheel Rims 8.5mm  £1.50 pair
3-086Locomotive Wheel Rims 9mm  £1.50 pair
3-087Locomotive Wheel Rims 9.5mm  £1.50 pair
3-088Locomotive Wheel Rims 10mm  £1.50 pair
3-089Locomotive Wheel Rims 10.5mm  £1.50 pair
3-090Locomotive Wheel Rims 11mm  £1.50 pair
3-091Locomotive Wheel Rims 11.5mm  £1.50 pair
3-092Locomotive Wheel Rims 11.75mm  £1.50 pair
3-093Locomotive Wheel Rims 12mm  £1.50 pair
3-094Locomotive Wheel Rims 13mm  £1.50 pair
3-095Locomotive Wheel Rims 14mm  £1.50 pair
3-099Locomotive Wheel Stub Axles: Turned Steel  £1.25 pair
  Locomotive Axle Muffs
3-100Muff: 1/8" OD: Ungeared Wheels: Acetal  £4.50 10
3-101Muff: 1/8" OD: Imperial Gears: Acetal  £3.00 5
3-102Muff: 1/8" & 2mm OD: Imp Gear & Imp 14t Gear: Acetal  £1.20 pair
3-102aMuff: 1/8" & 3mm OD: Imp Gear & Metric Gear: Acetal  £1.20 pair
3-102bMuff: 3mm OD: Metric Gears: Acetal  £3.00 5
3-103Muff: 2.3mm OD: Bogie Wheels: Acetal  £4.50 10
3-110DG Couplings: Etched Brass  £3.00 8 pairs
3-111DG Couplings: Loop Bending Jig  £5.20 each
3-112DG Couplings: Height Setting Jig  £4.00 each
3-113DG Couplings: NEM Shanks: 3D Print [Instructions] £1.80 20
  Locomotive Chassis Components
3-120Crank: Blank for Extended Axle Wheel  £1.50 pair
 3-121Crank: Class 08 for Extended Axle Wheel  £2.25 pairTOS
3-125Crankpin: Flanged: 0.5mm dia: 0.75mm Base for Mk6 and later Wheels: Turned Brass [Drawings] £5.00 10
3-127Crankpin: Flanged: 0.5mm dia: 0.5mm Base for Mk5 and earlier Wheels: Turned Brass [Drawings] £6.00 10
3-129Crankpin Washer: 0.6mm Bore: Etched N/S  £1.00 18
3-130Axle Steel: 1.5mm dia x 125mm  £1.00 each
3-132Drive Bush: Turned Brass  £2.75 5
3-133Frame Bush: Turned P/B  £4.40 10
3-140Motion Pin Washer: 0.3mm Bore: Etched N/S  £1.00 15
3-156Frame Spacer: 150mm long x 6.4mm wide x 1.6mm: PCB  £1.75 each
3-157Frame Spacer: 150mm long x 7.0mm wide x 1.6mm: PCB  £1.75 each
3-158PCB 0.8mm: Single Side Copper Clad: 100mm x 150mm  £2.00 each
3-159Insulated Screw Sleeve: Suits 14BA  £1.50 5
3-170Coupling Rod Pairs: Various Sizes: Etched N/S  £2.75 sheet
3-171Coupling Rods: Various Sizes: Etched N/S  £2.75 sheet
3-175Locomotive Brake Gear: Etched N/S  £1.50 each
3-180Generic Tender Frames: 13' Wheelbase: Etched N/S [Instructions] £2.75 each
3-181Generic Tender Frames: 15' Wheelbase: Etched N/S [Instructions] £2.75 each
  Commercial Locomotive Chassis Conversion Components
3-205Coupling Rods: Farish Locomotives: Etched N/S  £2.50 sheet
3-206Slide Bar: Black 5 Type: Etched N/S  £1.00 pair
3-208Slide Bar: 9F/BR Type: Etched N/S  £1.20 pair
3-209Crosshead: 9F/BR Type: Cast Brass  £2.00 pair
3-212Conversion Valve Gear and Bogie: Farish N Class Mogul: Etched N/S [Instructions] £4.50 set
3-213Conversion Valve Gear and Bogie: Dapol Schools: Etched N/S [Instructions] £4.50 set
3-214Conversion Valve Gear and Bogie: Farish Std 5: Etched N/S  £4.50 set
3-215Conversion Valve Gear and Bogie: Dapol Britannia: Etched N/S [Instructions] £4.50 set
3-216Conversion Valve Gear and Bogie: Farish Duchess: Etched N/S  £10.00 set
3-217Conversion Valve Gear and Bogie: Farish Merchant Navy: Etched N/S  £6.00 set
3-218Conversion Coupling Rods: Farish 64XX: Etched N/S [Instructions] £1.50 pair
3-219Conversion Coupling Rods/Bogie etc: Farish Castle: Etched N/S [Instructions] £7.50 set
3-221Conversion Bearings: Farish Locomotives: Brass [Instructions] £2.00 pair
3-222Conversion Muff Geared 15T: Farish Locomotives: Plastic [Instructions] £2.50 each
3-223Conversion Muff Plain: Farish Locomotives: Plastic [Instructions] £0.75 each
3-225Conversion Bearings - Dapol Pannier [Instructions] £6.00 set 6
3-226Conversion Bearings - Dapol Britannia  £6.00 set 6
3-227Conversion Bearings: Dapol School: Brass  £4.00 set 4
3-241Motor: 12V Coreless: 6 x 15mm: 0.8mm shaft  £13.80 each
3-242Motor: 12V Coreless: 7 x 16mm: 1.0mm twin shaft  £15.60 each
3-245Motor: 12V Flat Can: 16.5 x 8 x 10mm: 1.0mm twin shaft  £10.00 each
  Motor Accessories
3-250Silicon Tube: 1.0mm ID x 3.0mm OD x 10cm  £1.80 each
3-251Silicon Tube: 0.8mm ID x 4.0mm OD x 10cm  £1.80 each
3-252Universal Joint: 3D Printed [Instructions] £2.00 each
3-255Flywheel: 7 x 6mm: 1.0mm bore  £5.80 each
3-258Flexible Insulated Stranded Wire: Black: 34AWG x 30cm  £0.60 each
3-259Flexible Insulated Stranded Wire: Black: 36AWG x 30cm  £0.60 each
3-261Solder Tag: 4mm Long: Etched P/B  £0.40 10
3-262Motor Mounting Screw: M1.4  £0.35 pair
3-263Motor Shaft Adapter: 1.0mm ID x 1.5mm OD x 7.0mm  £1.60 each
3-264Motor Shaft Adapter: 0.8mm ID x 1.5mm OD x 7.0mm  £1.60 each
  Motor Mounts
3-265Motor Mount: 6mm Dia: 3D Printed  £2.00 each
3-266Motor Mount: 7mm Dia: 3D Printed  £2.00 each
3-267Motor Mount: 8mm Dia: 3D Printed  £2.00 each
3-268Motor Mount: 10mm Dia: 3D Printed  £2.00 each
3-269Motor Mount: 12mm Dia: 3D Printed  £2.00 each
  Chassis Construction Aids
3-270Loco chassis frame assembly jig  £15.00 each
3-271Gear Meshing & Marking Tool c/w 1/8" & 3mm Pins  £12.50 each
3-272Wheelset Back to Back Gauge: Bobbin type: Turned Brass  £2.95 each
3-2733mm Pins for Gear Meshing & Marking Tool  £1.25 pair
3-275Loco Driving Wheel Quartering Tool c/w Spacing Shims [Instructions] £32.00 each
3-275aSpacing Shims for Quartering Tool  £1.50 set
3-276Quarter Plates 7mm  £3.80 pair
3-277Quarter Plates 7.5mm  £3.80 pair
3-278Quarter Plates 8mm  £3.80 pair
3-279Quarter Plates 8.5mm  £3.80 pair
3-280Quarter Plates 9mm  £3.80 pair
3-281Quarter Plates 9.5mm  £3.80 pair
3-282Quarter Plates 10mm  £3.80 pair
3-283Quarter Plates 10.5mm  £3.80 pair
3-284Quarter Plates 11mm  £3.80 pair
3-285Quarter Plates 11.5mm  £3.80 pair
3-286Quarter Plates 11.75mm  £3.80 pair
3-287Quarter Plates 12mm  £3.80 pair
3-288Quarter Plates 13mm  £3.80 pair
3-289Quarter Plates 14mm  £3.80 pair
  Farish Diesel/DMU Drop In Wheelsets
3-301Farish Drop In Wheelset: 6.0mm Wheel: 15t Geared Axle  £4.50 axle
3-305Farish Drop In Wheelset: 7.0mm Wheel: 16t Geared Axle  £4.50 axle
3-306Farish Drop In Wheelset: 7.5mm Wheel: 14t Geared Axle  £4.50 axle
3-308Farish Drop In Wheelset: 7.5mm Wheel: 16t Geared Axle  £4.50 axle
3-310Farish Drop In Wheelset: 6.0mm Wheel: 14.2mm Pinpoint Split Axle  £3.00 axle
3-312Farish Drop In Wheelset: 6.0mm Wheel: Ungeared 1.0mm Axle  £3.00 axle
3-313Farish Drop In Wheelset: 6.0mm Wheel: Ungeared 1.5mm Axle  £3.00 axle
3-317Farish Drop In Wheelset: 7.0mm Wheel: Ungeared 1.0mm Axle  £3.00 axle
3-318Farish Drop In Wheelset: 7.0mm Wheel: Ungeared 1.5mm Axle  £3.00 axle
  Dapol Diesel/DMU Replacement Wheels
3-333Dapol Replacement Wheels: Class 26, 27, 33  £4.50 axle
3-336Dapol Replacement Wheels: Class 43 HST  £4.50 axle
3-339Dapol Replacement Wheels: Class 121 DMU  £4.50 axle
  Skew Gears, Worms & Gearboxes
3-352Gearbox Block: 100DP 30:1: Machined Brass [Instructions] £7.50 each
3-360Worm: 100DP: 1.0mm Bore: Acetal  £1.50 each
3-361Worm: 100DP: 1.5mm Bore: Acetal  £1.50 each
3-366Skew Cut Gear: 100DP: 21T: 1/8" Bore: Brass  £3.00 each
3-367Skew Cut Gear: 100DP: 30T: 1/8" Bore: Brass  £3.00 each
3-368Skew Cut Gear: 100DP: 38T: 1/8" Bore: Brass  £3.00 each
3-370Worm: M0.25: 1.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 eachWSL
3-371Worm: M0.25: 1.5mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 eachWSL
  Metric Gears - Coarse
3-385Spur Gear: M0.4: 14T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-386Spur Gear: M0.4: 16T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-387Spur Gear: M0.4: 18T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-388Spur Gear: M0.4: 20T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-389Spur Gear: M0.4: 22T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
  Metric Gears - Fine
3-390aSpur Gear: M0.3: 14T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-390bSpur Gear: M0.3: 15T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-391Spur Gear: M0.3: 16T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-392Spur Gear: M0.3: 18T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-393Spur Gear: M0.3: 20T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-394Spur Gear: M0.3: 22T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-395Spur Gear: M0.3: 25T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-396Spur Gear: M0.3: 28T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
3-397Spur Gear: M0.3: 32T: 3.0mm Bore: Brass  £2.00 each
  Screws, Nuts & Washers
3-400Screw: Cheesehead: 10BA x 1/4"   £2.00 per 10
3-402Screw: Countersunk: 10BA x 1/4"   £2.00 per 10
3-403Full Nut: 10BA  £1.50 per 10
3-404Half Nut: 10BA  £1.50 per 10
3-406Washer: 10BA  £1.00 per 10
3-410Screw: Cheesehead: 12BA x 1/4"   £2.50 per 10
3-412Screw: Countersunk: 12BA x 1/4"   £2.50 per 10
3-413Full Nut: 12BA  £1.75 per 10
3-414Half Nut: 12BA  £1.75 per 10
3-416Washer: 12BA  £1.25 per 10
3-420Screw: Cheesehead: 14BA x 1/4"   £3.20 per 10
3-422Screw: Countersunk: 14BA x 1/4"   £3.20 per 10
3-423Full Nut: 14BA  £2.50 per 10
3-426Washer: 14BA  £1.50 per 10
3-430Screw: Cheesehead: 16BA x 1/8"   £1.50 per 10WSL
  Locomotive Buffers
3-503Loco Buffer: LNWR Webb: Turned Brass  £1.50 set 4WSL
3-504Loco Buffer: LNWR Whale: Turned Brass  £1.50 set 4WSL
3-505Loco Buffer: LNER Standard Square Base: Turned Brass  £1.50 set 4
3-507Loco Buffer: GWR Collett: Turned Brass  £2.00 set 4
3-508Loco Buffer: OLEO 20" : Turned Brass  £1.50 set 4
3-510Loco Buffer: LMS 16" : Turned Brass  £3.00 set 4
3-511Loco Buffer: LMS 18" : Turned Brass  £3.00 set 4
  Locomotive Fittings
3-523LMS Stanier loco fittings (whitemetal)  £2.50 set 4WSL
3-524LMS Stanier cylinder block (whitemetal)  £2.00 eachWSL
3-526GWR Tender axle boxes 4000gal (whitemetal)  £1.25 set 6WSL
3-528Etched Handrail Knobs - Fret of 20  £0.50 each
3-533Wakefield No 7 Lubricator  £0.25 each
3-540Westinghouse Air Brake: Unmounted: LH Governor: 3D Print  £0.60 each
3-541Westinghouse Air Brake: Unmounted: RH Governor: 3D Print  £0.60 each
3-544Westinghouse Air Brake: Unmounted: LH Governor: Stainless Steel 3D Print  £2.75 each
3-545Westinghouse Air Brake: Unmounted: RH Governor: Stainless Steel 3D Print  £2.75 each
  Tender Axleboxes & Springs - 3D Printed
3-560Tender Axleboxes: GWR 2500 gal: 3D Print  £1.95 set 6
3-561Tender Axleboxes: LMS Fowler: 3D Print  £1.95 set 8
3-562Tender Axleboxes: LMS Fowler Plain Front: 3D Print  £1.95 set 8
3-563Tender Axleboxes: MR Johnson: 3D Print  £1.95 set 8
3-564Tender Axleboxes:LNER Group Std: 3D Print  £1.95 set 8
3-565Tender Axleboxes:LNER Group Std Short Hangers: 3D Print  £1.95 set 8
  Locomotive Etched Chassis for Commercial Bodies
3-620Chassis: Dapol GWR 14XX/48XX/58XX: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £18.00 each
3-621Chassis: Farish GWR 57XX: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £18.00 each
3-622Chassis: Peco GWR 2251: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £20.00 each
3-623Chassis: Farish GWR 61XX: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £22.00 each
3-624Chassis: Dapol GWR 28XX: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £22.00 each
3-625Chassis: Dapol GWR Hall/Manor/Grange (Loco only): Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £22.00 each
3-626Chassis: Dapol GWR 3500 gall Tender: Etched N/S [Instructions] £5.00 each
3-640Chassis: Farish Austerity/LNER J94: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £18.00 each
3-641Chassis: Farish LNER J39: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £20.00 each
3-650Chassis: Farish LMS 3F Jinty: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £18.00 each
3-651Chassis: Raithby (not Farish) LMS 4F: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £20.00 each
3-652Chassis: Farish LMS Black 5: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £25.00 each
3-653Chassis: Farish LMS 4F (Loco only): Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £18.00 each
3-660Chassis: Dapol LSWR M7: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £15.00 each
3-661Chassis: Dapol LBSCR Terrier: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £15.00 each
3-680Chassis: Farish BR 03 Diesel: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £15.00 each
3-681Chassis: Farish BR 08 Diesel: Etched N/S [Instructions][Drawings] £20.00 each
3-691Chassis: Ixion GWR Manor/Grange/Hall: Solid Brass/Etched N/S [Instructions] £25.00 each
  Black 5 Kit Components
3-701aLocomotive Body & Chassis: Black 5: Long Firebox Version: Etched N/S  £30.00 each
3-701bLocomotive Body & Chassis: Black 5: Short Firebox Version: Etched N/S  £30.00 each
3-701cLocomotive Body & Chassis: Black 5: Ivatt Version: Etched N/S  £30.00 each
3-702aLocomotive Boiler/Smokebox: Black 5: Long Firebox Version: Cast Whitemetal  £20.00 each
3-702bLocomotive Boiler/Smokebox: Black 5: Short Firebox Version: Cast Whitemetal  £20.00 each
3-702cLocomotive Boiler/Smokebox: Black 5: Ivatt Version: Cast Whitemetal  £20.00 each
3-703aLocomotive Fittings: Black 5: Cyl Valves/Crossheads/Smokebox Door: Cast Brass  £5.00 set
3-703bLocomotive Fittings: Black 5: Backhead/Domes/Topfeed/Chimney: Cast Brass  £5.00 set
3-703cLocomotive Fittings: Black 5: Atomiser Steam Pipe Cover: Cast Brass  £2.00 set
3-704aTender Body & Chassis: LMS 4000 gall Tender: Rivetted: Etched N/S  £30.00 each
3-704bTender Body & Chassis: LMS 4000 gall Tender: Part Welded: Etched N/S  £30.00 each
3-704cTender Body & Chassis: LMS 4000 gall Tender: Welded: Etched N/S  £30.00 each
3-705Tender Fittings: LMS 4000 gall Tender: Cast Brass  £5.00 set
3-706aAxleboxes: LMS 4000 gall Tender: Roller Bearing: Cast Brass  £5.00 set
3-706bAxleboxes: LMS 4000 gall Tender: Plain Bearing: Cast Brass  £5.00 set
  Class 08/11 Kit Components
3-711aLocomotive Body: Class 08: Etched N/S  £9.75 each
3-711bLocomotive Body: Class 11: Etched N/S  £9.75 each
3-712aLocomotive Functional Chassis: Class 08: Etched N/S  £13.00 each
3-712bLocomotive Functional Chassis: Class 11: Etched N/S  £13.00 each
3-713aLocomotive Cosmetic Chassis: Class 08: 3D Print  £13.00 each
3-713bLocomotive Cosmetic Chassis: Class 11: 3D Print  £13.00 each
3-714aLocomotive Cab: Class 08: Etched N/S  £5.25 each
3-714bLocomotive Cab: Class 11: Etched N/S  £5.25 each
3-715aLocomotive Cab Roof: Class 08: Cast Resin  £4.00 each
3-715bLocomotive Cab Roof: Class 11: Cast Resin  £4.00 each
3-716Locomotive Bonnet: Class 08/11: Cast Resin  £6.00 each
  Misc Parts
3-724Thin Strip: 1.5, 1.25, 1.0, 0.75, 0.5 and 0.25mm: Full and Half Etched: Etched N/S  £5.00 each
  Train Lamps
3-801Loco Lamp: LNER/BR(E): 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
3-802Loco Lamp: BR: 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
3-803Loco Lamp: LMS/BR(M): 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
3-805Loco Lamp: SR/BR(S): 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
3-806Loco Lamp: GWR/BR(W): 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
3-811Tail Lamp: LNER/BR(E): 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
3-812Tail Lamp: BR: 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
3-813Tail Lamp: LMS/BR(M): 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
3-815Tail Lamp: SR/BR(S): 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
3-816Tail Lamp: GWR/BR(W): 3D Print  £3.00 set 5
  Railway Figures
3-850Figure: Guard with Lamp: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-851Figure: Shunter with Pole at rest: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-852Figure: Shunter with Pole in use: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-853Figure: Station Master with Pocket Watch: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-854Figure: Signalman leaning: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-855Figure: Locoman leaning and facing right: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-856Figure: Locoman leaning and facing left: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-857Figure: Locoman with Rag facing left: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-858Figure: Locoman with Rag facing right: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-859Figure: Seated Locoman leaning left: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-860Figure: Seated Locoman leaning right: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-861Figure: Fireman firing facing left: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-862Figure: Fireman firing facing right: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-863Figure: Driver operating Regulator with left hand: 3D Print  £4.50 each
3-864Figure: Driver operating Regulator with right hand: 3D Print  £4.50 each
  Locomotive Decals
3-905Decals: Waterslide: SDJR Locos [Instructions] £4.90 sheet
3-909Decals: Waterslide: Highland Rly Locos [Instructions] £2.40 sheet