AGM 2020 and Model Competitions

The AGM for 2020 was held online, using Zoom, on Saturday 19th September at 11am UK time.

Update to the AGM documents emailed to members: the financial figures were an earlier draft, not the final version. This link contains the correct, final, version of the figures.

The minutes of the AGM have been published in the "members only" part of the website.


The Model Competition 2020

The Model Competition for 2020 was run online, with online voting from members. Awards were announced at the online AGM. Entries for the 2020 categories are permitted to enter the regular competition classes when they are able to resume, hopefully in 2021.

The following five categories were voted upon by members, with the results listed below. Each link is a PDF showing pictures of each entry. The PDF files are quite large, with some over 10Mb, so may take a while to download on slower connections.

In addition, the following awards were made by the Committee.

The Chairman's Trophy. Awarded by the Chairman for their choice of best entry in the model competition. Joint award to two entries in the model competition: Julia Adams for the 4mm gauge diesel shunter (entry D53 above) and John Brenchley for Tavistock Station (entry M40 above)

The Geoff Jones Layout Trophy. For the best layout exhibitied during the previous year. Awarded to Ian Morgan for "Freshwater".

The Mike Bryant Cup. For services to the Association. Awarded to Steve Dunkeyson for long service as Shop 3 Shopkeeper.

The Geoff Balfour Award. For articles/writing relevant to 2mm model making. Awarded to Jerry Clifford for multiple editorials in MRJ promoting 2mm modelling.