Graham Farish 64xx Pannier Conversion

Following on from the success of the conversion components for the Graham Farish 'Jinty' tank locomotive, the Association has now produced the components required to convert the recently-released (model year 2016) Graham Farish 64xx pannier tank locomotive.

Thanks to the design of the latest range of Graham Farish steam locomotives, the 2FS wheelsets can be assembled away from the locomotive and simply 'dropped' into the chassis once the N Gauge wheels and coupling rods have been removed. The conversion is also completely reversible and the N gauge wheels can be reinstated at any time.

The components required for the conversion include;

Other components required include;

Assembly is relatively simple; the crankpins are fitted to the wheels and the axle bearings slipped onto the wheel stub axles. The wheels are then pressed into the appropriate axle muffs, ensuring that the back-to-back measurement and wheel quartering are both correctly set. The etched coupling rods are assembled and fitted onto the crank pins with a washer soldered in place to retain the rods. The chassis keeper plate on the locomotive is removed, the original N Gauge wheels, bearings and coupling rods removed as one piece and the new finescale wheels, bearings and coupling rods are then carefully fitted into the chassis and the keeper plate replaced.

The components are available only to members of the 2mm Scale Association.