The Fonly Lathe

Part 1: Bed, Headstock, Tailstock and Tool Holder

by Nigel Cliffe , from a design by Peter Clark

© 1996, Nigel Cliffe and the 2mm Scale Association.

This article document was first published in the 2mm Scale Association Magazine. It is the second of three articles describing a drilling machine and lathe which can be built at home with minimal tools. The machines were designed for 2mm scale work (comparable to N), though are suitable for making small components in HO/OO.

The original machines were designed around Minicraft tools, which are widely available in the UK. The designs could be easily modified for other manufacturers ranges, such as Dremel.

All the photographs except the drilling machine were taken by Peter Clark, though errors in scanning and converting to JPEGs and GIFs are Nigel Cliffe's.

The Article is in two parts, the first is here: Part 1, and the second can be reached here: Part 2,