1998 Association AGM

The 2mm Scale Association annual modelling competitions are held at the Annual General Meeting each year. The photographs below show some of the 1998 entries.

Photographs by Robert Shackle except as noted. Unfortunately, our photo processors had dirt in their developer, and this lead to some white marks on some of the pictures. Each photograph is available in colour by clicking on the B&W view.

J72 from a Bob Jones kit by Steve Harold. This is Steve's first locomotive. Patriot in BR livery by Nigel Hunt Scratchbuilt by Stephen Harris
Scratchbuilt by Stephen Harris Narrow gauge wagons by Mark Fielder LMS 4F in BR livery by Mike Raithby
Wagons by Matthew Wald M&GN station building by David Eveleigh Three vans built by Bill Blackburn
Wagons by Jerry Clifford Locomotive scratchbuilt by Alan Smith
Secon hopper wagon by Dave Harris   North Eastern hopper wagons by Bob Jones
Steam Road vehicles by Jerry Clifford   Steam Road vehicles by Jerry Clifford