AGM 2003, Photographs Mark Fielder

Class 31 by Edward Sissling, conversion and detailing of Farish model.

Class 37 & diesel brake tender by Edward Sissling. Locomotive is a converted and detailed Farish item.

BR Jubilee by Nigel Hunt. Converted and detailed Peco body.

LMS restaurant car by Nigel Hunt

LBSC van by Steve Sykes

dscn1220.jpg - SECR open wagon by Steve Sykes


Garage by Geoff Jones

Peco Jubilee conversion by John Whitehead

Stirling Single by Tim Watson. Winner of the Groves Trophy and Member's Choice Trophy.

Hudswell-Clarke diesel shunter by Steve Harris

LNER 0-8-0 by Edward Sissling from a Fence Houses Foundary kit.

Mike Raithby's new layout.

Close-up of Mike's Ivatt tank engine, still under construction.

Two views of Barnsbury Station by Tim Watson


Colour light signals on John Whitehead's layout

Geoff Jones' Ruling Engine.
The fixed bar has a gradient of 1-in-10. As a result, moving the ruler 10mm horizontally produces a vertical movement of 1mm. Thus, very accurate parallel measurements can be made, such as planking, cutting strips of plasticard, etc. A very versatile device which can be made in an hour or so. The Cutting Mat surface is fixed to a board (MDF or similar). The aluminimum bars are then attached with screws. The ruler is glued to the wooden triangular part.

LNER Thompson 6 wheel parcels stock by Steve Harris

Ex SR GUV parcel vehicle by Stephen Harris

LNER A4 Silver Fox by Tim Watson.
Extensive conversion of the Farish model.

BR freight stock by Steve Harris

BR freight stock by Steve Harris

LNER J39. A pre-production sample of Fence Houses Foundary's next 2mm scale locomotive kit. Chimney will be different in production.