2016 AGM Award Winners

Below we list the various trophy winners at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Groves Trophy

GWR Duke Locomotive 3287 'Mercury' - Nigel Ashton

Scratchbuilt locomotive and tender modelled on the prototype as running in 1930.
Constructional details : Chassis is scratchbuilt in solid milled brass, with integral 38:1 gearbox. Body is nickel silver and brass with turned splashers and dome. Safety valve cover and chimney are commercial castings. All other boiler elements and footplate details are fabricated from brass. Extended axles were made by turning in the lathe and are bolted onto centre-drilled Association driving wheels with 16BA bolts.

The tender body is 3d printed (J B-S design purchased from Shapeways) with added step and brake detail. Internally is a scratchbuilt soldered chassis and Maxxon motor. A CT chip is used for DCC (address 3287).

Paint is Howes acrylic, transfers by Fox and nameplates by 247 Developments. Loco crew is from Modelu.

Ballantine Quaich

Class 123 DMU - Alan Whitehouse

(No details available).

Dreadnought Trophy

North London Railway coaches - David Eveleigh

Built from incomplete etches with my own design of etched underframes and turned details. Window bars added from wire.

John Barker Trophy

Putting a Tiger in Your Tank - Andy Carlson

Three generations of petroleum rail tank design represented by Esso class 'A' tanks. Because of their steel underframe construction all three designs could be seen running together in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Hurst Nelson 10t tank (1907 RCH design) - probably built post-WW1 - Chassis : custom etched from my own artwork. Tank and woodwork : 3d printed (Shapeways). Decals : custom printed from my own artwork.

Air Ministry 14t tank (variant of 1928 RCH design) - build during WW2 - 2mm Scale Association kit (etch + whitemetal chassis, resin tank). Decals - Cambridge Custom Transfers.

Charles Roberts 35t GLW (22t load) (1958 design) - built 1958 - Stephen Harris kit (etched chassis and resin tank). Decals - Cambridge Custom Transfers.


Willis Cup

Point rodding & stools - Laurie Adams

Etched stools soldered up from 5 parts (a tabbed vertical plate slotted through a base plate and rollers), for 1-10 rods.
Rods of 0.008" (Top E - gauge 8) steel guitar string (=1.2" diameter full scale) threaded through the stools.
Fixing method: the vertical tabs are soldered into slots in the ends of brass rods/tubes, which are a mild interference fit into hold drilled in the trackbed/baseboard. Surprisingly robust, this allows adjustment in all directions (height, lateral slide, twist and lean) to get a smooth alignment. Accomodates curves and expansion due to heat as the rods are not soldered or glued into the stools.

My thanks to Bob Jones for his patience in developing all these etches.

Malcolm Stone Award

Underbridge TJC3-155 at Swinton - Andrew Gibson

(No details.)

Members Choice Cup

Great Western Metro Tank - Ian Smith

A Great Western Metro 2-4-0 tank engine in pre-1906 livery.

Model is fully scratchbuilt in nickel silver/brass/steel with the exception of wheels and gears.

Chassis has been milled from 6mm square brass with a 1mm thick brass section on one side to enable split frame construction. Motor is a Nigel Lawton 8x16mm captive within the smokebox/boiler; the motor shaft employs a dog clutch to engage with the worm shaft.

Model is DC (which is lucky because I don't think I'd have found room for a DCC chip in such a small model with an open cab).

Model has been finished in the fully-lined pre-1906 livery and has etched brass numberplates from my own artwork.

Chairman's Award

Paget London Christian Mission Building - Tom Knapp

(No details.)

Other Awards

Mike Bryant Cup

Steve Cooper - For service as Shop 2 Shopkeeper

Geoff Jones Layout Trophy

Brafferton - Tony Simms

Geoff Balfour Memorial Award

Ian Smith - "Modelling Brunel's GWR Baulk in 2mm Scale" (Model Railway Journal number 244)