Chapel Wharf

by David Mallott

'Chapel Wharf' is an ultra compact layout, inspired by the Turnchapel branch line in Plymouth - Devon, and was designed for realistic and interesting operation in the minimum possible space. When not in use the layout is stored in a carrying case small enough to travel by air as hand baggage.


This is the scenic break which hides the fiddleyard. The road surfaces were formed using plaster and, because they are flush with the rails, it is difficult to clean the track. The points are operated by wires soldered to small electrical relays which also provide switching of the crossing polarity.


A Class 04 diesel shunter stands ready to shunt the quay. This is a Langley kit (white metal and etched brass) powered by a 12 x 12 coreless motor in a scratchbuilt chassis. The crane is a scale model of one that stood on the quay at St Ives, contructed in styrene plus gears from an old watch.