Splitveld Fabriek

short description

Splitveld Fabriek is a freelance model of a layout depicting an industry rail connection in Belgium. The layout is built to FS160 standards (1:160) using components and materials of the 2 mm Scale Association. A large collection of stock exists with scratch built steam engines as well as some modified commercial diesel stock. Control of rolling stock is by NMRA DCC using loconet for cab control. Points are set with a mechanical lever system. Extensive information about FS160 standards and description and construction of rolling stock is available on http://www.inter.nl.net/users/FS160/index.htm .
Further details and contact per email : Henk.oversloot@inter.nl.net

modern image here

view through trees

photos Edward van Flotwell

Layout sketch

press for large view

some basics:
basic length 180x40 cm
usual overal dimensions 3.50 x 3.0 m
fiddleyard 2x 1.25m
operators 2 or 3
power usage < 750 W

The following graph shows an example of a general set-up for shows with dimensions in cm. Other more lengthwise or half circular setups are possible too with help of further landscape modules and the complimentary half of the fiddleyard. DXF files for digital show planning are available by internet. Materials for static display can be arranged.

copyright: Henk Oversloot
date: 10 july 2003