The eBoard, 2mm Notices

( Information updated 5th November 2013 ).

The 2mm Notices list, otherwise know as the eBoard provides a rapid method of distributing information to members about events, products and other items likely to be of interest to members.

The list will only send a few email messages, probably less than one a month.

The 2mm Notices list is not a discussion forum; email traffic is controlled (every message is approved by the moderation team). Replies are sent to the originator of the message. If you are seeking an email discussion area, then we suggest the Virtual Area Group.


When joining, or renewing your membership, we allow members to opt-in (and opt-out) of receiving 2mm Notices emails. You can change this, or your email address recorded for the system, at any time by contacting the Association's data manager Jim Watt, (details of contact in every 2mm Newsletter).


Sending an announcement to the membership

If you have a message (see permitted content below) you wish to broadcast to the membership, send it to the administrators, via the email address 2mm_notices (at)     Your email address will appear in the message as a contact point for replies (see note on privacy).

The onward sending of the message has a manual step, so may take a day or so. With the manual step, we can be confident about all messages being appropriate for this service.

Permitted Content

The description of permitted content will evolve; this is the current list:

Not Permitted Material


The moderators

The current moderation team are: Nigel Cliffe (list admin) and Mike Taylor.

Note on Privacy

Messages sent to the email list will have your email address as the sender. Potentially this can go to 700 members of the Association.
We don't think this will result in you getting a sudden deluge of spam, but if you are extremely cautious and carefully maintaining a private email address with very limited circulation, you might consider whether you want a second email address for more public use.
Most ISPs will let you create additional addresses. Alternatively, you can sign up for one of several free email services, such as Yahoo!, MSN-Mail and GoogleMail. If really stuck, or concerned, contact the list moderators, or the webmaster, and we'll see what can be done.