40th Anniversary Photographic Celebration

Chee Tor by Manchester MRS

The 2mm Scale Association was formed in 1960. In celebration of 40 years of modelling, we published a commemorative book, "2mm Modelling, A Photographic Celebration". The book is A4 format, 32 pages on quality paper, with over 85 photographs of significant models in 2mm scale.

February 2006 update. Very limited stocks of the book are available from our shop (members), or for non-members via the Association Contact address. Once those stocks are gone, no further reprints are planned.

Below we have a selection of images from the book, the images have been reduced in size to ease download times, and are optimised for on-screen display, not printout. The pictures in the book are, of course, reproduced at higher resolutions. All images are protected under Copyright and must not be reproduced without permission.

arrowEarly Days The beginnings of the finescale 2mm movement
arrowLocomotives Classic motive power.
arrowLayouts Large and small, built by individuals and clubs.
arrowRolling Stock Coaches, wagons and other miscellaneous items.