The Committee

Details of the Association's Management Committee, elected in October 2015, are as below. To email any of them, please add "" after the @ symbol - this has proved necessary to reduce the amount of spam sent by automated software.

Chairman; Andy Hanson (email: chairman@....)
Responsible for chairing meetings of the Management Committee and formally represents the Association to other societies and the public;

Secretary; Brian Hume (email: secretary@....)
Responsible for general Association administration, organises the AGM and Committee Meetings, takes official minutes and circulates copies;

Treasurer; Noel Leaver (email: treasurer@....)
Responsible for keeping the Association's financial accounts, submitting accounts to the Hon. Auditor and circulating audited copies to the membership prior to the AGM;

Committee Members

Publications Officer; Vacant, email currently read by Chairman (publications@.....)
Overall responsibility for the Association's publications, including the Yearbook, Beginners' Guide and 2mm Finescale Handbook;

Events Officer; John Aldrick (email: events@.....)
Responsible for the Association's annual exhibition, together with modelling courses, modelling competitions and maintaining the Association's cups and awards;

Products Officer; Vacant, email currently read by Chairman (email: products@.......)
Responsible for co-ordinating the Association's product policy, oversees the design, development and manufacture of new products, product quality control and sets technical standards. Also provides the Sales Officer with a list of approved products for sale, with re-ordering details.

Sales Officer; David Short (email: sales@......)
Responsible for the Association's product marketing and sales, Shops policy; stock returns and accounts of the Shops; re-orders product supplies and submits audited Accounts to the Membership prior to the AGM

Other Committee Members; Anthony Yeates, Nigel Ashton, Alan Smith and David Long.

Appointed Officers:

Publicity Officer; Mick Simpson (email: publicity@......)
Responsible for the Association's public promotion, magazine adverts, press releases, and oversees the Association's two publicity stands ("Roadshows") at model exhibitions;

Archivist; Brian Hume - see "Secretary" above.

Layout Register; John Aldrick - see "Events Officer" above.

Contacting the Association

By E-mail

Email is read by webmaster Nigel Cliffe.

Please use plain text for emails (not HTML) and clear subject lines. Unfortunately we get a lot of junk email, much of which is virus laden. Therefore we adopt a fairly rigorous filtering policy, which will automatically delete anything which is suspect.


By Post

For general enquiries, you can write to the 2mm Scale Association at (note change of address, October 2014):

2 Fountains Road
North Yorkshire

New Membership applications should be sent to:

14 Fernbank Drive
West Yorks.
BD17 5HZ.